Aangezien op vakantie gaan er voorlopig nog niet in zit, kunnen we allemaal wel een beetje humor gebruiken… En daarom hebben we het internet afgestruind naar de 30 leukste travel quotes die we konden vinden. We verklappen alvast één ding: ze zijn lachwekkend herkenbaar… Enjoy!


✈ Physically I'm here. Mentally I'm in a pool in Bali ordering my third mojito. 

✈ If you had to choose between true love or travelling the world, which country would you visit first?

✈ Should I book another flight?
Brain: no.
Wallet: no.
Mom: no.
Dog: no.
Universe: no.

Me: I think I'm gonna book that flight.

✈ If anyone is Christmas shopping for me, I wear a 7-day Caribbean cruise. 

✈ Going on a trip. Need about 5 outfits. I've packed 35 just to be safe. 

✈ You can't buy happiness, but you can buy plane tickets, which is kind of the same thing.

✈ Airports: the only place where drinking at 8AM is socially acceptable. 

✈ Vacation calories don't count, right?

✈ Running to the gate is my cardio. 

✈ Watches Netflix happily.
Remembers you need to pack.
Watches Netflix stressfully.



✈ I want someone to look at me the way I look at a travel magazine.

✈ I would totally give up travel, but I'm not a quitter.

✈ A passport holder sounds like a great idea until you get to the airport and have to remove it like 4 billion times. 

✈ Holiday (n.) The urgent need to move away and find a job. On the beach. With cocktails. 

✈ I love you so much. I would even pick you up from the airport. 

✈ My parents complain I travel too much. I mean, I could be a drug addict, do they realize how lucky they are?

✈ Mondays are better on the beach. 

✈ Work: late.
Dentist appointment: late.
Own birthday: late.

Travelling: at the airport 5 hours early. 

✈ Money can't buy happiness, but I'd rather cry at 35,000 feet high.

✈ Therapist: and what do we do when we're sad? Me: *searches last-minute holiday offers*



✈ Do I love my job? No. But does it enable me to go on exotic vacations and buy all the things I want? Also no.

✈ Getting out of bed would be 10 times easier if there was a Caribbean ocean and 30 degree weather waiting outside for me. 

✈ Levels of fear:
– heights
– snakes
– dying
– losing my passport

✈ I feel like people who look representable on planes and can keep their luggage under 20kg really have their lives together.

✈ Have you ever stopped to think, maybe travel is addicted to me?

✈ People having babies… and I’m like: What country am I going to next?

✈ There are two people in every relationship: 
Partner 1: “Okay, I have our passports, boarding passes and car rental reservation.” 
Partner 2: “Where are we going again?”

✈ Friends with no kids be like: “You wanna go to Africa this weekend?”

✈ Can we just skip to the part where I travel the world?

✈ Me travelling.
Person: “Un cafe?”
Me: “Oui”
Person: “Sucre?”
Me: “No”
Person: “You speak very good french”
Me: “Gracias”


Inspiratie: @boldtuesday